Calls to Skype

Free Calls from TravelSim to Skype Starting with the Second Minute 

As of now, TravelSim customers can contact their friends and family by Skype for free after the first minute of a call!

How does it work?

Calls from TravelSim to Skype ID:

– Free airtime – You pay only for the first minute of a call according to a standard rate, all the remaining minutes are free!

– Incoming calls to Skype app are received for free!


– TravelSim customers do not need to activate mobile data or additional settings in order to make Skype calls; they only have to dial the number that is pre-bound to Skype ID preceded by prefix 800, i.e., the dialling format would be 800-country code-phone number. For example, the number +4915140000001 is bound to Skype. In order to dial Skype ID from TravelSim, a TravelSim customer has to dial the number in the following format: 8004915140000001;

– In order to receive calls, Skype user needs to adjust his account settings by choosing Tools -> Options -> Privacy settings -> Allow calls from “anyone”, as well as bind the existing phone number to Skype account by using the following form:


– Calls are limited to 15 minutes.

– Call rate € 0,00 is applied starting with the second minute of a call; standard outgoing call rate according to a country is applied for the first minute of a call;

– The service is available in all the countries with free incoming calls;

– The quality of the service is dependent on the quality of Skype user’s data connection. Wi-fi or 3G network is preferred.

– The service is available for TravelSim World customers.