Within the Baltic Sea Circle – the Northernmost Rally in the World with TravelSim

Author: TravelSim Team Team

We were visited by adventurous and friendly German team “Gunnerhaiser Buwe” that participated in the Northernmost Rally in the World 2017. For 16 days, they have crossed 8000 km in 10 countries accross the Baltic Sea. The rally has started in Hamburg, Germany, on June 16, 2017, and continued throughout Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, Artic Circle and North Cap, Russia, Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, then Poland. TravelSim card allowed them to be reached accross all the countries and share inspiring news in Facebook with their followers! We wish “Gunnerhaiser Buwe” team a lot of excitement and great adventures in future rallies!

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  • Ralf Körner

    Thanks for your great support and your hospitality!

    100% data connection on our route to the finish line.

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